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| they always leave | Arthur is rather depressed because all his colonies have left him and then ignored him. All his brothers hate him and he doesn't even understand why they hate him. Thanks to all the people who have left him he has a trust problem now. He doesn't quickly open his heart to people if he doesn't know them fully.

| not that inexperienced | Arthur isn't inexperienced on the sexual area. Everyone thinks he is very innocent and that he would never walk up to someone and just flirt with them. Arthur is actual very experienced with both genders, topping and bottoming. Don't think he'll just lay down and spread his legs but he won't be scared of having some fun at night.

| not a bad cook | Arthur's cooking has actualy improved a lot over the years but that doesn't mean he doesn't love to joke around a bit. He tends to give his worst food when people come around to eat. They always mock him to have bad food? Well bad food they will get. Why would he give his good cooking to bad people?

| once a pirate | Once a pirate, forever a pirate. Arthur actually wants nothing more but to have his golden days back where everyone feared him and no one dared to screw with him! He ruled the world everybody knew it! Sadly those days are over...

| england not united kingdom | The United Kingdom is three different countries. England, Scotland and Wales. Arthur only represents England and not the other two, he hates it when people call him United Kingdom because that's not his name no matter how you look at it.


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currently; looking for a good book to read
United Kingdom
| England |
| Arthur Kirkland |
| 23 / 173 cm / 61 kg |
| British / speaker of; English, French & Spanish |

| appearance |
A young male which stands at the average height of 173 cm and weighs about 61 kg. Arthur has a pale white skin and some freckles are on his cheeks. He has a slender face with bright, green eyes that contain a lot of emotion and can show what he feels at every second of the day. He has short, spikey, dirty blond hair. He has thick eyebrows that are pretty much a giant eyecatcher. Arthur has a slender body with a bit on muscle but not too much. He usually wears casual suits to fit his gentleman personality, they're usually green with a matching plain colored tie. When he goes to meetings he looks for a bit more official. He wears a necklace with a small cross on it under his shirt. He doubts anyone knows about it, it's from when he was little and got it from Francis.

| personality |
Arthur wants nothing more than to be a perfect gentleman, this is how he will act towards woman but towards man this is kind of a problem... He tends to get quickly pissed off and snap at people for barely no reason. He is often portrayed rarely cranky but deep inside he is very different from that. Arthur has a massive trusting problem with everyone. Since a lot of people who he had trusted hurt him or suddenly ignored the island country he doesn't want to bond with new people and rarely let's people back into his heart. He wont show outside how he feels inside as he wants to keep the sight of a might empire.
Arthur had many hobbies. He loves to read and especially old literature. He has a big interest in fantasy creatures and claims to see them as well. His other intrests are embroidery, craftsmanship, literature and rock music. Even as a former pirate; he can't swim.

| Current town |
London, England
| Current job |
Personification & columnist for a local paper
| Sexual orientation |
| Status |

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